I’m For Sale!

I thought as a single post, I could keep a list of projects where you, the esteemed and discerning purveyor of game design, can find me, and in some cases buy me!

Saresberg – if you can find the last 3.5e adventure (or darn close to it) written for the RPGA at tournaments or on Wizards somewhere, you’ll find it a unique lethal adventure. If your home campaign needs the PCs to strike out against an occupying army, this adventure is a good place to go. Good luck not killing everyone!

Ascension of the Drow – This adventure soaked up pretty much the Summer of 2008. You can’t play in it, but you can read about it and pimp Paizo to pay Shane and me to help work out another huge event (say…48 players?)next Gen Con.

PFS #10: Blood at Dralkard Manor – My first Paizo adventure, also cowritten with the very clever Shane Cottom. Some mine, some his, some Josh Frost’s, but if you need a single adventure with plenty of atmosphere, you can’t do better than four bucks!

Kobol Love – Coming, piece by piece, to a designer’s blog very near you!


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