Let the Game Begin!

The process of designing an adventure for a game that is still in its playtest phase is more challenging than I though it would be. Not only am I constantly shuffling priorities, as KLP isn’t a project with a deadline, but I am also constantly learning little details about the Pathfinder system that force minor revisions in designed encounters’ presentation and format.

But all of that is a great experience for me, as I master the system that I hope to be playing and writing for into the future. I haven’t seen many changes I don’t fully support, and I am super-excited to see the development of the game as the year-long playtest proceeds.

As I have mentioned before, the goal for designing this game is to make an available scenario for new players, whether they are new to hobby gaming, or just new to Pathfinder. As such, the encounters I am making have some exploitable tactical highlights, but a lot of design choices have similar elements. There’s a lot of Dodge feats, for example. Dodge is appropriate for kobolds, and its mechanics are slightly different in Pathfinder from what 3.5 players will expect.

I’m hoping for increasing chatter with the release of the first encounter. Those of you who have voiced an interest in running the game at a convention, or at your local game store can get in some early preparation and see what the others think. If I can promise you all more regular posts until the adventure is done, we can be conversant in the scenario before anyone has to run it, and maximize the great time your players will have.

Next week, we’ll discuss the first combat, as well as changes to the monster stat block. For now, get yourself a look at the introduction and first encounter (dubbed “Mishaps” for the sake of the kobolds), get together some funny ideas for simple kobold traps, and let the game begin!

Kobold Love: Introduction, Mishap 1


~ by Famine on February 18, 2009.

One Response to “Let the Game Begin!”

  1. Hey Steven,

    I’d love to comment on the introduction part, but I cannot seem to open the attachment. Actually, none of the attachments work for me. Is this just me?



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