Kobold Love Introduction

Kobold Love is a stand-alone adventure. While pregenerated player characters are provided, the game makes an excellent springboard for a kobold campaign. In such a campaign, characters could explore both the surface above their warrens and the depths below, possibly caught in a war between gnomes and svirfneblin. At higher levels, they may even be the favored servants of an enclave of dragons, risen high above their kobold heritage and bringing a sense of destiny to the dragon born. This version of the Kobold Love project is set in the Pathfinder world of Golarion, and uses the rules for that game system. Check out the free download of the Pathfinder rules set at paizo.com.

Kobold Love begins when the PCs are summoned to a gathering of their kind. Magh-murra, the old kobold crone, bemoans that adventurers from the surface have raided the warrens on there way to places below the kobolds with increasing regularity. Casting the bones, she divines a risky strategy that will stem the tide of adventurers and give her people a chance to regroup. When a sect of kobold warriors opposes the idea, the PCs are nominated to challenge them in support of her plan. Once the party silences the opposition, she nominates them as her champions and sends them on their way to the surface world, where they will endeavor to assassinate the human leader that keeps sending adventurers to their home.
Embarking on this mad errand, the PCs travel up, to the sewers below the human city. A set of brief encounters primes them for the danger that is the surface world, until they find their way out of the sewers and onto the streets. From here they begin the truly dangerous part of their mission – traveling openly through a human city. Dazzled and confused, they make their way across town to the tavern where a mysterious cloaked figure hires adventurers to descend into the kobold warrens, and below them for some dark purpose. The party confronts and dispatches this stranger, but not before realizing this dark humanoid has acted as their benefactor the whole time. Fearing the worst, the party descends back into the depths to encounter the svrifneblin welling up from the depths below.
In the end-game, the party must deliver a message from the dark stranger above to their witch-crone before the swarm of deep gnomes eradicates their warrens forever. With moments to spare, they must devise traps and ambush svirfneblin until the terrifying deep gnomes are driven back to the depths and forced to make war on their surface cousins from another front.

Designer’s note: If you’re new to an area and looking to run a campaign with a new set of players, Kobold Love is perfect for having some silly fun mixed with serious adventure. Your players getting to know each other and breaking the ice is a perfect role for this scenario. After the game, consider having a brief discussion of the kinds of adventures your players would like in your upcoming campaign. They can discuss characters, rules, options etc. In previous campaigns of mine, a brief adventure like this sets up the PCs later. An extinguished tribe of orcs – once played by the PCs – is discovered by the party. While the players know what happened, their characters see the devastation first-hand and have an opportunity to react in-character. Finally, you can consider this adventure ideal for recruiting new players at your local gaming store. Just arrange a ‘Pathfinder Day’ and get some new players to sign up. Offer to run this scenario and teach new players the rules, or just some of the neat differences between this and that other most popular roleplaying game. : }

While a series of misfortunes befalls one kobold chief after another, one leading fi


~ by Famine on September 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Kobold Love Introduction”

  1. I like it. Its “reverse Dungeon” and Jim C Hines’ “Golbin Quest” flavourtastic. Although I really, really miss the old kobolds that looked like Yorkshire terriers and had the special ability of “people think I suck so bad they ignore me in combat.” You should have an encounter where the PCs encounter Epic heros that let them be because they don’t detect enough treasure to make it worth your while. Also, a good setup for a future encounter in which the kobalds do have enough treasure!
    -Julius Greensborough

  2. I’ve always been a fan of playing undermined characters or races that almost never get played due to bad abilities or whatever. So it’s interesting to get to play one of the weakest races in the game against heroes. Now where do I get my scorpion on a stick?

  3. while i’m not a fan of the little monster “Reverse dungeen thing” mainly because they tend to be silly and i tend to well… not be. i did however find the story well thought out if everyone else in my group wanted to play it i would too. i also agree with the person above about how the kobolds should go back to the terriers look.

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